We OWN the Sewing Factories. We Own the Weaving, Dying & Finishing Plants 

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Experts in Plus Size & Missy Core Replenishment & Fast Fashion for Over 35 Years 

MANY IN OUR FIELD DO WHAT WE DO, BUT NOT AT THE LEVEL THAT WE DO                                                                                                            Test, Read & React!  

23 Company Owned Sewing Factories.

2 Company Owned Weaving, Dying & Finishing Mills.....

  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Tests With "No" Minimum
  • Largest Collection of Relevant Fabrics Including Technological Developments ( Cool Max, Dual Effects, Tencel & Lycra
  • Speed Sourcing
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Innovation, Research and Product Development
  • Production and Manufacturing Management
  • Technical Execution
  • Quality Assurance
  • Trade Compliance
  • Global Logistics
Sewing Factory
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Bliss Apparel Group is a vertical manufacturing company in the purest form ( No agents or trading companies).
Our parent company, DIAO Group is a multi-billion dollar a year public entity listed on the Chinese Foreign Stock Exchange. 
 Our current monthly capacity is over 3 million garments.

Our strengths in manufacturing include pants, skirts, jackets, shirts, blouses, dresses and jeans. Our fabric mills are equally strong in both woven and knitted fabrics. Bliss Apparel controls garment dye & wash facilities with monthly capacity of over 250,000 garments.

Our client's needs are at the center of everything we do, integrating seamlessly into their teams, measuring our success by their results and building our reputation by protecting theirs.

We focus on consistent execution. Flexible response enables us to move at the speed of retail .

10-Day Transit from Shanghai to
Los Angeles


(212) 971-9096

336 W 37th Street #210
New York, NY 10018

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New York, NY- Los Angeles, CA- Columbus, OH- Dallas, TX- Menomonee Falls, WI- Fort Myers FL- Little Rock, AR- Charlotte, NC-  Seattle, WA, Lancaster, PA